September 24, 2022

Kim Jong Il has apparently been a very busy dictator…

Yankee stay home: Pyongyang Film Festival
The winners of the Pyongyang Film Festival feature film competition:
Best Film: “Napola” (dir. Dennis Gansel, Germany)
Best Director: Stephane Brize (“Not Here To Be Loved,” France)
Best Script:Michael Haneke (“Hidden,” France-Austria-Germany-Italy)
Best Photography: Santosh Sivan (“Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities,” India)
Best Actor: Mathias Gnaedinger (“Sternenberg,” Switzerland)
Best Art Director: Sharmishta Roy (“Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities”)
Best Music: “Haul” (Russia)
Best Technical Prize: “Tai Hang Mountain” (Wei Lian, Shen Dong, Chen Jian, China)
“Comrade Kim Jong Il loves and treasures especially film artists. He says that they are treasures who serve the country and the people with exceptionally special talents. When he gets something good, he first gives it to the film artists. He also immortalizes them while in life and even after their death (chapter 3 #9 “Eminence of Immortality”).

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