October 6, 2022

We all have our own shit to deal with…..
The Origin of Feces
An urban naturalist’s guide to crap
By Sarah Godfrey
In community meetings and on neighborhood message boards, there are few hotter topics than poop. While talk of dog-curbing dominates the discourse, plenty are eager to identify varmints in or around their homes by examining the stool samples they leave behind. Turns out, though, most of us don’t know crap.
Over the summer, for instance, one city resident shared with a community message board his discovery of feces “deep brown/black in color, and shaped like Jordan almonds and about the same size.â€? He attributed the Italian-wedding-favor-shaped dung to a deer, claiming to “have seen deer scat many times.â€?
human dung
Homo sapiens
Mistaking human feces for animal feces isn’t a common occurrence, but it does happen, says Adcock. “We’ve had cases where people were convinced they had a possum, raccoon, or some animal in their house. They’re finding feces behind the sofa every day—then it turns out it’s their toddler,â€? he says. The dead giveaway for human waste is its size: Homo sapiens drops among the biggest turds of any mammals. “Your adult fecal is larger in diameter than any animal you’ll ever run across, except a bear,â€? says Hurley. “And we don’t have to worry about bears here. There are no bears in D.C.â€?
The rest of the story at Washington City Paper

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