September 24, 2022

Recently, Mink Hippie treated me to my first deep fried Twinkie at the Hawaii State Fair. At the time I thought that was about as outrageous as you could get with Twinkies…but, as is often the case (okay, once in a while, rarely..but sometimes) I was wrong…Apparently they are also good for pork loin side dishes….yikes!
cd (thanks Bronwyn)


Ten Speed Press
As seen on The Today Show!
The Twinkies“ Cookbook showcases creative and unusual recipes from the kitchens of Twinkies enthusiasts from across the country.
As part of Twinkies’“ 75th anniversary celebration last year, Hostess“ put out a call for recipes, asking people to share their ideas for cooking—yes, cooking—with Twinkies. The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of Twinkie enthusiasts from across the country responded with a creative and sometimes wacky array of sweet and savory recipes—from the sublime to the surreal. Need a creative idea for a wedding cake? A quick side dish for pork loin? Nostalgic, colorful, and a delight for the whole family, The Twinkies Cookbook is perfect for the Twinkie lover in everyone.

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