September 25, 2022

(This is a cd that Kate brought back for me from Sierra Leone. I dig it. Check out the tracks at the link below and buy a copy. Support artists worldwide…cd)
Emmerson has been compared to Fela Kuti of Nigeria, and seeks to emulate the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Kwame Nkruma of Ghana. “Borbor Bele”, released in January 2005, is the title of Emmerson’s long-awaited debut album. Borbor Bele features ten songs including the #1 hit singles, U go si am, which received a Premier Music Award 2004 nomination for Best Single; Sugar Meresin – which is one for the ladies – and the title track, Borbor Bele, which received unprecedented airplay, by public demand, during the early promotion of the album. An attempt was made to ban the title track, ‘Borbor Bele’ from the airwaves in Sierra Leone. Why? Well, a ‘Borbor Bele’ can be described as a corrupt civil servant or non-governmental organisation employee who steals public resources. And there are quite a few ‘Borbor Beles’ about! They control government coffers and with Sierra Leone being a donor driven economy, Borbor Bele’s also control huge donor funds. Emmerson loves nothing better than meeting his fans. His inspiration comes from musicians like Fela, Brenda Fassie, whose influence is apparent in ‘Tutu Pati’ a great party song on ‘Borbor Bele’. How would Emmerson like to be remembered? As a patriotic citizen of Sierra Leone and Africa who made a contribution to eradicating corruption and as the most entertaining musician of his era!
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