September 24, 2022

Some thoughts on some films by VagoDamitio

The Seventh Seal(1958)

This was interesting. Essentially a medieval peasant western with a lot of very sharp philosophy and criticism all steeped in religious overtones and an almost overpowering existential neurosis. Essentially, the questions boil down to ‘What is it for and what happens when we go?’ and the answer seems to be ‘You cannot know so you better enjoy the pleasures of fresh strawberries and cows milk.’ Secondary is the correlation that women and love make men miserable, but at the same time they make life worth living.


A film from Singapore about a very poor brother and sister who are on a far too long quest to find a pair of shoes. Horrible, sappy, and grating. Some touching moments, but for the most part, just fucking horrible. If you need shoes that badly, you should probably figure out how to make a pair from banana leaves.

The Big Lebowski

Overall strongest feeling about this was that I hate John Goodman and if he were someone in my life, I would either kill him or move to be as far away from him as possible. Other than JG, funny and totally enjoyable. Lot’s of audible guffaws. I love The Dude.

Three Days of the Condor

Good spy flick with a powerful message that applies today. The problems with oil and power are not new.


Time killer. Better than Spider Man 3 without as good of special effects. Pseudo intellectual, but it worked anyway. Groin kicking funny.

Ansel Adams Biography

Interesting. A bit too PBS. No fun. Very Educational


Great documentary series that started strong on sustainability but lost steam and eventually started telling stories that didn’t seem quite as relevant as they were at first. Some very interesting statistics and great narration by Brad Pitt. A nice way to present some unorthodox ideas and views.

David Brower and his fight to Save Wild America

This was what a good biography should be. It was interesting, funny, exciting, and inspiring.

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