September 26, 2022

Sure, I wrote the book (one of them anyway) on living without a house in the digital U.S. I’ve since given up on homelessness for myself, but I saw an article this morning on Wired about homeless bloggers and it led me to take a look at what kind of web presence the homeless have….all I can say is AWESOME! Check out Willie York’s Website (pictured below) From his website “A cycle of alcoholism and sporadic violent crime and a heavy dose of misdemeanors led Willie to a life on the street, panhandling for whiskey money.” He uses the website to panhandle digitally and to bring new change his way on the street. He has a fanclub! Then there is Terri who is featured in the Wired article…check out her blog . There are also lots of educational sites about the homeless and sites like this one that recommends that you take a homeless person on a date . For those of you who have been following my shenanigans for a while, you may remember that I used to blog from the public library until I traded my VW bus for a laptop and then I started blogging from hotspots using wi-fi. If you are curious why I’m no longer homeless you should read Rough Living and the Urban Survival Manual. They contain the mystical secrets of abundance Buy a copy I will put the money to good use taking tropical vacations and hanging out at the yacht club.

Willie York
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