September 27, 2022

Somehow, I think Vegas is a much more appropriate home…wonder what sort of changes will occur…a no swimsuit competition?
Faithful Follow Miss America to Las Vegas – Yahoo! News
Cast off by ABC in 2004 for its low viewership, its bank balances dipping dangerously low, the nonprofit Miss America Organization announced plans last August to hit the road. The idea was to cut production costs and resuscitate interest in the show, which was a network staple for 50 years and drew 33 million viewers a year as recently as 1988 before bottoming out at 9.8 million in 2004.
The selection of Las Vegas caught many pageant watchers by surprise, in part, because of the contrast between prim and proper Miss America and the anything-goes culture of a city that boasts “What happens here, stays here” and views debauchery as an art form.
The marriage of these unlikely partners, accompanied as it’s been by the switch to a cable network whose demographic appeal aligns more closely with Miss America, is starting out like a honeymoon.
Promoting her like a new star, Country Music Television has run commercials, taken out billboards — including one in New York’s Times Square — and talked up Miss America in a way no one has for years.

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