September 24, 2022

Millenium by Chris Damitio
What are you planning to do for the big millenium celebration. My friend Tracy is going on a luxury cruise to the Virgin Islands. That sounds prety good. Her husband Mike has decided to stay home and lock himself in the closet with a 12 gauge! Ringin in the New Year with a blast, if someone comes to take his sports coats!Tough to say what I’ll do. Probably spend it camping in the San Juans or sitting on a mountain top somewhere. Like hell I want to be anywhere near where huge groups of people will be celebrating. When I was a teenager, I used to love big parties. Whoopee! A kegger and theres 45 people there getting piss drunk. Even in high school, that was a recipe for a few fist fights, lots of drunk driving, and probably some poor girl getting date raped. About the last thing I want to do is be penned into some city center with 30 thousand drunks. I would be willing to bet at least one of them will be carrying a gun, and a few of those guys who liked to fight in high school never grew out of it, trust me. Spending the turning of the millenium kissing a stranger sounds kind of dangerous. I’m sure 80,000 rednecks will be firing their rifles in the air, where will the bullets come down. Maybe a mountain top isn’t such a good idea. I like to think some day, I’ll be alive to tell my children about the night nothing happened. Might make some sort of a difference where I spend it.

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