October 5, 2022

This is just an excuse to post a gratuitous panda photo… oh, so cute.

A drunken Chinese tourist says he bit a panda who attacked him after he jumped into a zoo enclosure to “hug” the bear.
Zhang Xinyan, 35, had drunk four draught beers before deciding to enter the Beijing Zoo pen belonging to six-year-old male panda Gu Gu.
The startled Gu Gu bit both legs of his intruder, who responded by biting “the panda on its back”, Mr Zhang was quoted by state media as saying.
Mr Zhang said he had not realised pandas could be violent.
He told the Beijing Morning Post that he had come to the Chinese capital “only to see the pandas”.
“The seven-hour train ride was exhausting, and I drank bottles of beer when I arrived then had a nap,” he added.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Man bites panda after zoo attack

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