October 1, 2022

(A new musical genre is spawned. Tracks are in English, Hindi, and Tamil. I listened to a clip and it was, er… bouncy. The BBC story compares their sound to They Might Be Giants. “H1Bees” is the name of the album, not the musicians.)

Hundreds of thousands of hi-tech workers from India have come to the US in the past decade.
Many of them arrived on the H-1B visa programme, which allows American companies to hire highly-skilled foreign workers.
For many Indians, getting a visa is a dream come true. But living and working in the US can be harder than expected and a group of Indian-born engineers has put the H-1B experience to music.
It all started, as these things often do, at a party. It was a house-warming party in the Washington DC area to be precise.
An Indian computer engineer with a yen for Jethro Tull was throwing the shindig. Among the guests were a couple of other Indian hi-tech workers with musical backgrounds.

The rest of the BBC story…
BBC NEWS | Technology | Hi-tech workers make ‘curry rock’
Album website (includes samples)…

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