September 24, 2022

(I really don’t get it…why are people suddenly catching so many of the giant catfish I always thought were urban myths….next they’ll be finding alligators in the sewers of NYC…cd)
Giant catfish caught
A handout picture released Monday Aug. 1, 2005 shows Duncan Rooke, 32, (left) and Stephen Buss, 30, as they haul in a record-breaking catfish in the River Ebro, near Barcelona in Spain on July 6, 2005. The 7ft 7in, (2.3 meters) 212lb (96kgms) female fish is the biggest freshwater catch ever made by a British angler and nearly pulled 32-year-old gas engineer Rooke back into the river once he had hold of her. After weighing the fish and burping her to get rid of the air in her stomach she was released.

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