October 5, 2022
Elite Ape Hanzu
Vagobond NFT

Morning Briefing 



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Aloha and GM

DAOs are changing the world of business and finance. How? No one is really sure yet, but it’s happening. Fridays, I look at the DAOs I’m invested in – they are pretty far ranging – publishing, finance, investing, metaverse, crypto, food – but they only touch the tip of the iceberg. I get overwhelmed just looking at it. Next week, I’m hoping to bring someone in to take on our DAO beat who is much better versed in all of this and will be able to make a much more cohesive view of the ecosystem as a whole. For now, pardon my brevity and confusion on this week’s beat. TGIF – I’m ‘mintxausted’.

~CD Vagobond

This morning’s cover (on Vagobond) is Elite Ape from Punks Comic – Hanzu.




* ALPHA * – The Vagobond Discord is one of the best free alpha servers around. You might see it in this briefing, but you’ll definitely see it in the Alpha channel of our discord first.

– NFL and Roblox Partner in the Metaverse ahead of Superbowl


– Only Fans offers NFT Profile Picture Option


– Punks Comic ‘Elite Apes’ Covers Sell Out


– Vice Builds HQ in Metaverse


Vagobond’s New Acquisitions

Pizza Mask from FoodMasku – https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x3778c12dab937d01c6c4ee6d8d9ea3bee2755030/4

Punks Comic #2 – Elite Ape Cover – Hanzu


OCM Dessert – D1 – Incredible Ice Pop



You can find my NFT buying methodology and more on the NFT 101 page on Vagobond.com



The NFT Beats Calendar

*I’m looking for Beat Writers! Contact me. This is great exposure and a chance to write about your favorite projects. Beats without a designated writer are all open to be claimed.

Monday: Literary NFT Beat by Greg R. Fishbone, Publisher of Cryptoversal Books

Latest at https://vagobond.com/literary-nft-beat/

Tuesday: NFT Gamer Beat

Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-101/the-nft-gamer-beat-updated-tuesdays/

Wednesday: Music NFT Beat

Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-101/the-music-nft-beat-updated-wednesdays

Thursday: Travel & Food NFT Projects by CD Vagobond

Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-101/the-travel-food-nft-beat-updated-thursdays/

Friday: The NFT DAO Beat

Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-101/the-nft-dao-beat-updated-fridays/

Weekends: Influencer NFT Beat

Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-influencer-beat/

The NFT DAO Beat – Updated Fridays

There are a lot of DAOs – these are only the ones I’m involved in.

Peace Daohttps://peacedao.trydiscourse.com/ $PEACE

Website: https://www.peacevoid.world/


Solonhttps://www.solon.finance/ I minted this what seems like 500 years ago. Love the art but the token and the vision are what actually made me mint. Layout for the whole Solon ecosystem:https://www.figma.com/file/5PrW8ZQ2nQ15DdiiMHjecv/Solon-UI-C-Copy

The Land Dao – Metaverse land development project. $RENT

Snapshot set up at https://snapshot.org/#/thelanddaoprop.eth







Buzzed Bear Hideout DAOhttps://buzzedbearhideout.com



Pizza DAOhttps://www.rarepizzas.com https://github.com/pizzaDAO

Meeting Minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UbfuzxzRClgASqGIZgtnd5hp7pRqXU6IdZcAvGutkNE/edit?usp=sharing


Page DAOhttps://pagedao.org/ – Weekly Twitter Space



Gas DAOhttps://www.gasdao.org/ $GAS token

– Bounties: http://tinyurl.com/gasdao-bounties


Open DAO – https://www.theopendao.com $SOS token

– https://theopendao.medium.com/7930095d0020

Here the link for the Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ZkKzbWwgNRKv



My Bag of NFT Chips: Blue, Red, & White

These are my personal chip plays. Not everyone will agree with my chip designations. That’s fine.

Updated Project News Daily by Vagobond

Full list at: https://vagobond.com/my-bag-of-nft-chips-blue-red-white/


On Chain Monkeys https://onchainmonkey.com One of the most positive ‘do good’ projects out there.

* https://news.onchainmonkey.com/2022/02/10/onchainmonkey-desserts-are-here-now-what/


BAYC/MAYChttps://boredapeyachtclub.com/ $APE token coming. Huge sales. Roadmap underway.


Jenkins the Valet https://www.jenkinsthevalet.com/ Redefining publishing and collaboration


10KTF https://10ktf.com/ $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project.


Huxley https://huxleysaga.com/ AAA Game, Movie, Series, Licensing innovation


BYO Pills https://byopills.com/ BYOpills, BYOvape, BYOland, Apostles, BYOships


Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies https://peacevoid.world/ $PEACE token, PeaceDAO


Pixel Vault https://www.punkscomic.com Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

* https://medium.com/@countcrypto/are-metahero-identities-undervalued-a-discounted-cash-flow-approach-e76620b3bda3


Red Chips

These are projects I think have the potential to become blue chip


Non-Fungible Fungushttps://www.thefungi.app/ Fun and trippy.


WVRPShttp://warpsound.ai The first hybrid generative pfps and so much more



Moons of Mars https://www.moonsofmars.xyz Rock n Roll, Fashion, Branding, Products


Rebel Planet Motor Clubhttps://discord.gg/2pFUWV6R6p


Creature Toadz https://swampdao.finance/ Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ


Adidas: Into the Metaverse – What’s going to happen here? I guess we wait and see.


Two Bit Bears https://cubs.cloud Goldilocks DAO


Non-Fungible Heroes – https://www.nfheroes.io/ An NFT version of Disney or Looney Tunes


White Chips

These are projects I love and support – but tbh, some of them may end up in the graveyard….


Glitchy Bitches https://glitchybitches.com/ Visually morphing muses. Still minting

* https://twitter.com/glitchybitches/status/1492106163630002181


Avax Wolf Game https://avaxwolfgame.io/ Great team, easy minting and low gas, and always evolving dynamics. Gen 0 still minting


Bloot https://discord.gg/Qdep8xgGqE Bloot is being redefined. $BGLD is being unrugged.


Rue Arcana https://www.ruearcana.com/ Tarot + Attractive art + SciFi vibe


CyberGalz https://www.cybergalznft.com/ Anime games for otaku


2112 – https://www.2112.run/ Shadowrun meets NFTs. Lore rich project. Still minting


Dead Handz https://www.deadhandz.com/ Lore and puzzle project


Rebels in Disguisehttps://rebelsindisguise.co/ – An experiment in storytelling. Still minting.

* https://twitter.com/REBELSinDSGS/status/1492147297500770311


Do Not Mint https://opensea.io/collection/absolutely-do-not-mint This may be idiotic but it’s feeling like something

* https://twitter.com/DoNOTMint/status/1492012464350896136


Bulls on the Block / Bears on the Block https://bullsontheblock.com/ This project, DAO, wallet being moved to the community still – feels like one foot in the graveyard.



The First NFT/Metaverse Religion- Bald Jesusism

Bald Jesus – BJ is Your Bro


– Minting for Bald Jesus Drinking Club – .05 ETH


Holy Bjble – AB version – Readable on OS! Only .001 ETH on Polygon so no gas



Tokens, Staking, Defi

These are the tokens and crypto/defi projects that NFTs have led me to. Bizarre when you think about it.

Solon – https://www.solon.finance/ I minted this what seems like 500 years ago. Love the art but the token and the vision are what actually made me mint.


$WTF – You can still claim here for a few more days:



$LOOKS Token – Looks Rare platform is gaining traction. Daily rewards for staking unmatched.

* https://twitter.com/LooksRareNFT/status/1491423763115954178

$TKNFY Tokenifyhttps://tokenfy.gitbook.io/tknfy-earn-guide/

* https://twitter.com/tokenfy_/status/1491502415513853953


$POW – Pixel Vault Metahero token – stake metaheroes

$PUNKS – Pixel Vault token – stake punks comic

$HORSE – The Unstable Horse Yard token – Earn with USHY nfts, no staking

$FLYZ – Creature Toadz/ Swamp Dao token

$APED – ApeDAO & ApeDAO Remix token

$APE – forthcoming $BAYC token

$PEACE – Peaceful Groupies token

$RUG – $Rug Radio token – Earn with Rug Radio NFTs, no staking

$MM – Monkey Bets token

$RAINI – Raini Lords of Light token

$STIMMY – Scammy free token claim

$ALGAE – Mighty Manateez token – Earn with MM assets

$NFTL – Nifty Degen League token – no stake, daily earn with Nifty Degens

$XBMF – Lazer Defi token – Earn with Bloot, Bloot MF, Lazer Soda – no stake

$RENT – Land Dao token – Earn with Land Dao NFTs – no stake

$FLUFF – Hammies token (rug)

$SHARK – Shark Dao token –


Useful Info

I periodically move all of this to the NFT 101 page on Vagobond.com


* https://twitter.com/themikesteez/status/1491819300277178369

How to Earn Money with NFTs


DAOs Will Change Everything



Passive Ways to Earn Money with ETH




Top of my radar:

Moonlings – Metahero derivitive project by PVFD – https://discord.gg/cXjPutEu4h

Rap Empire DAO (Snoop Dog) – https://discord.gg/rapempire

Gnomenclature https://discord.gg/vJD94smbnZ

Look Labs – (former?) Beanie project – https://discord.gg/kscScVhq – Might mint this….

* https://twitter.com/look_labs/status/1491824646253158406

Nemus – https://nemus.earth/the-nft/ – this is an ecology project.

FomoMofo – Hawaii based project with doxxed founders & branding https://discord.gg/K7vxMCTK



Great Projects I’m Not In or Following:

aka projects I missed and am salty about. There are too many – see the whole list at:


Missed in February: Generative Dungeons, Heroes,


The Graveyard

These are projects that I wanted to believe in that simply seem like they are dead. I bought into many of these instead of the winning projects above. Take that as a warning. I sincerely hope that they resurrect – but when I put them here, it means that I’ve stopped believing and looking. I hope to someday have a section at the top called ‘Resurrections’ for when projects in the Graveyard manage to rise up again. As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be the biggest section of this newsletter and I will let it keep growing so that those who care to look can understand that the majority of projects fail and investors lose money. Pick wisely, my friends, and good luck!

See the huge full list at https://vagobond.com/nft-101/nft-project-graveyard/

Februray Graveyard Residents Added:

Tiki Festival https://tikifestival.io/ I held on to hope as long as I could. Frenchie is still working, but I think this is a graveyard project now. Frenchie is iterating…

One Day Bae https://onedaybae.io/ This is a favorite project. It vibed with me just right. Nothing is happening now. I don’t want to move it to the graveyard – but I have to. Maybe it will resurrect. Game and roadmap delayed.

Heaven Computer https://heaven.computer/ Female led, amazing art project. Godmin abides but there is nothing happening here.


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