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I’ve built a Discord Community for Vagobond. If you want to talk story about travel or crypto or whatever, come join. Here’s the link to it: cSpUEzcmM4.

And as always I’m still on Twitter @vagobond though it seems that after 15 years, Twitter has put me in a silo where even the people who follow me generally can’t see anything I post. I have no idea why. I hate Twitter, but it’s essential, like money and the internet – unfortunately.

This NFT world is so new and time consuming. I love the creation and the community building aspects of it but the money part drives me crazy – but this is the world we live in, the American consumerist capitalist world and so money has to be a part of it. Which led me to this:

This is a piece of art that comes from a place of truth:

I’ve been busy though and I injured my knee while trying to improve my health (fucking irony) and now it hurts to move at all. The BTPC pirates that scammed many of us – I like the art so I’ve been playing with the ones I own, you can see most of that on my OpenSea page which is becoming a bit like my forever artist journal – at least I think it is forever. Who the fuck knows…

The Bald Jesus Pirate Club

finally, I decided to redo the cover of Rough Living and attach the pdf file of the original book to it. As always, I’m a shitty capitalist, so I decided to give them away.

I’m Giving Away All the Books I’ve Written – Please Enjoy While Social Distancing

(Scroll down for links to PDF files)

I wrote these books so people could read them – I’ve made a little bit of
money with them through the years (very little, but hey, that wasn’t the point) now and in the coming days – I think it’s very likely that people might find themselves with lots of time on their hands. So, I’ve decided to go ahead and gift my work to the world. Whether it’s a very good gift or not, I can’t really say for sure – but these books represent many hours of my life – and I hope you enjoy them.  I’ll post them here on Vagobond and elsewhere in time.

Christopher ‘Vago’ Damitio


Rough Living 2003 Edition (Link to PDF:

on Amazon in Paperback: Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vegabond

Slackville Road (2004 Here is the link: )

Fishing in the Puget Sound (2004 Link to PDF:

The Honolulu Waiter (1998, 2007 Screenplay) (Link to PDF:

The Princess and the Vagabond (2005)

The Fucking People (2005, 2020)

Lost in Transmediality (2008 Link to PDF:

Liminal Travel (2009 Link to PDF:

on Amazon in Paperback: Liminal Travel: The Spaces In Between: A Short Guide to More Fulfilling Travel and Life by Vago Damitio (2013-03-15)

Feeding The Spirit – Spiritual Fasting (2010 Link to PDF: )

Smooth Living( 2012 Out of Print not available)

DoucheBags, Fags, and Hags (2012 – Paperback on Amazon: Douchebags, Fags, and Hags: A Journey into the History, Culture, and Customs of Baboob

Meliptimous Taggle (2013 Link to PDF:

Rough Living 2013 Edition (Here is the first link: )

Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers (Link to PDF: )

25 Travel Blogging Secrets (2013 Link to PDF: )

Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost is the Point (2019 Link to PDF:

Crypto Confidential (2019 Link to PDF:

The Keys to the Riad (2012, 2020)

The Silicon Boom in Unabomb Valley (2019)

A Very Good Novel (Coronavirus) (2020)

Not My Morocco: My Life in Morocco (2013,2020)

Not My America: A Stranger in my Strange Land (2020)


Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost Is The Point

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