NFT Defi Crypto Collectors Update 1/12/2022

Vagobond NFT Defi Crypto Collectors Update

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Pixel Vault/ Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW. – Town Hall / Project UpdateSummary

– Elite Apes Covers to be released using Metahero/Ape Token – unique gamification of mint using a coin that has future utility. Released based on assets held.

– New additions to Pixel Vault team including dedicated legal and Dao formation.

-The Pixel Vault Founders Dao will begin formation next week

– PVFD given 200 WL spots from Cool Cats for Cool Pets

– Planet Giveaways – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – holders of genesis NFTs eligible for random giveaways. Each planet holder will be eligible for sidekick claim. Sidekicks will be stakable.

– Staking is live and lucrative. If you have a MH or Punks Comic #1 – you are foolish not to have them staked.

LooksRare NFT platform and $LOOKS token/ other new platforms and tokens

While not available to everyone (this was a rich get richer claim) – those who did get the drop claimed tokens that are currently worth anywhere from $3000 and up. Another great example of free money coming from just being a participant in the metaverse.

$GAS token

$SOS token

other free tokens

Wonderland – $TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO

There will be a drop of $BSGG to all holders of the above. This is the token of – the first defi acquisition of the Wonderland behemoth. Prices of TIME have been down but the APR is still providing huge gains in the amount of time. $wMemo is over $100k

About: Wonderland is not a liquidity mining farm. Founded by Daniele Sesta, Wonderland is a decentralized reserve currency protocol that owns its own liquidity rather than printing tokens out of thin air. In essence, reserve currency protocols have a claim on the value of the treasury itself. As the treasury grows, the claim token holders have grows (not accounting for premium).

Doctor Who, Worlds Apart

Founders Token sale (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each. Gameplay continues in Beta among founders only. The game is incredibly complex and requires a significant amount of learning.

Rug Radio – Farokh project

Page DAO / Jenkins / LIT – nft Books update

Page Dao book minter is live with audio book and physical Print-on-Demand options coming soon. Page DAO had an awesome Twitter Space yesterday with lots of announcements. Among them – $PAGE token has been made available on $MATIC. PageDAO has partnered with p2e game Outer Wring and writers in the DAO will be creating the lore for the forthcoming game and quests.

Jenkins the Valet is moving forward and prices are rising and staying steady. This is a long term project and goes way beyond the initial book by Neil Strauss. This will be a project that becomes a book, a movie, a TV show, and future books and media etc.

LIT – I sold my LIT and associated NFTs for a decent profit. As such I’m out of the LIT discord, but the Robert DeNiro NFT drop (project 2) was pretty successful. LIT projects stand at amazingly high value. Lit project one floor: 1.25 Degenaissance floor: .74 Lit Project 2 Floor: .5 – LIT token value: 1ETH=1566867.9

Bored Apes/ Huxley / BYOverse

$APE token is coming.

Robot Avatars are coming to Huxley. Huxley has made some huge partnerships and will likely be the first AAA NFT game as well as the first NFT feature film/series. So much energy stored up in this one.

BYO spaceships are coming and more is coming from all. Nothing actionable or concrete that I’ve seen today.

Gary Vee -VeeFriends / Tom Bileyu- Impact Theory / Nate Alexander

Gary Vee’s Book Games NFT project launched on Immutable X. His scheme to get cash flush NFT enthusiasts to buy his physical book was a resounding success. Every 12 books sold in the inital pre-publishing resulted in one of these unique NFTs. Some people pulled NFTs worth tens of thousands of dollars. Most are hovering at or below around $300 – which is about what the books ended up costing.

There are big game mechanics at play here and it will be interesting to see where this goes.

Nifty League / Creature Toadz / Lazer Defi / Creatures/ Moons of Mars/ Nuclear Nerds / PeaceVoid/ Non-Fungible Heroes

Creature Toadz introduction of an OHM fork $FLYZ is a really interesting dynamic. Baby Creature Toadz will be the highest multiplier and a wide variety of NFTs will be included in the inital ecosystem. There will also be a DAO formed here – Swamp DAO. This is all very interesting and has driven floors higher – but I wouldn’t go throwing huge amounts of money at it – yet.

Snapshot has been completed for Lazer Defi’s land game Danger Islands. $xBMF continues to accrue for holders of Lazer Soda, BlootMF, and Bloot (with a Lazer Soda). Minting end of January.

Danny Coles, Creatures project continues to hover where it has been for a while. Benefits to community have been limited – a non-exclusive merch drop that felt pretty expensive to me. Now the showcasing of a creature ‘Letterman’ jacket – which isn’t something I particularly even would want to wear. I bought into this project, but I’m not sure I’m going to stay in it if floors start to rise.

Moons of Mars is the complete opposite of Creatures. Holders were able to claim $300 track suits – for free. This is an extremely innovative project with a roadmap that feels pretty exciting to me – but which hasn’t yet excited the NFT community and is still minting. Lots more coming from this project and this amazing team.

Nuclear Nerds continues to work in the background as does Peace Void. These both feel like the early days of the BYO project to me and I won’t be selling

Non-Fungible Heroes/Bored Bananas has released an updated roadmap and there will be a token and staking. This has raised floor prices. NFH, Non-Fungible Gods, and Bananas will all accrue the token. This is a project that has been smoldering for a while now – let’s hope it catches fire.

Other Projects – ODB, OCM, Bloot, Satoshiverse, Landvault, BMB, TBB, NFF, etc

One Day Bae – probably my favorite low entry/fun project continues work on their innovative game.

On Chain Monkeys is in a bit of a holding pattern. I love this project and will hold my OCM forever, but I do wish it were a more exciting ride sometimes.

Bloot. There’s always interesting things coming out of Bloot. Most recently, Lazer Defi and MyPfpLand – which is still stealth minting for Bloot Elves and holders of things like NFH, Bored Apes etc.

Satoshiverse – A little bit like the On Chain Monkeys – I hold the comic cards and a couple of Avatars here. It’s a slow burn but I think this truly has the potential to be the next Huxley or Pixel Vault.

That’s it for now…but isn’t that enough?

The Bald Jesus NFT Project – An Update So Far – The First Three Months

Bald Jesus as born back in May when I suddenly saw NFTs taking off and realized that I could probably build an NFT, a community, and maybe a brand in the chaos that was happening in the NFT world. I’d gotten involved starting with Doctor Who – World’s Apart in November of 2020, then with Godzilla on Wax, and finally with some Ethererum projects. “What should I make?” I thought. “Maybe I have a domain name I can do something with.” I’d bought quite a while before. I thought it was funny. I mentioned what I wanted to do in the Doctor Who Discord. I was encouraged by some and others were (I think) a bit offended by the name.

I drew my first Bald Jesus (BJ) and set up a WordPress site at on free hosting. I set up a Twitter account. Now I needed to learn how to set up a Bald Jesus Discord server, how to mint with BJ NFTs on WAX, how to get white listed on Atomic Hub, how to mint with Bald Jesus on Ethereum, and how to build a community, create drops, mint a generative project, and turn a wacky idea into something.

From the beginning until now, none of this would have happened without the support and love of the crypto and NFT communities. I’ve had help from people who wanted to help our project and from people who just wanted to help me. I’m eternally grateful. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to build a new kind of project – something that was both commercial and communal, cooperative and profitable, something that would allow for innovation and rewarding hard work, while also building a cooperative community. We have a long way to go – it’s only been three months – but when I realize that and then look at what we (to a larger extent) and I ( to a lesser extent) have accomplished – my mind is blown. None of this would have been possible without the community giving me support, helping me to learn, and also, in some cases, helping me when the lifting was too much for one person – but, that being said, one of my super powers is bringing things to life from the idea stage and another one is carrying loads that are seemingly impossible for one person – but that being said, I wouldn’t have made it without all of those who have been there for me on this journey so far. I could not have done this alone.

One more thing before I jump into the timeline so far – we’re just getting started!

6/12/2021 – First BJs minted on Wax. The Bald Jesus Discord was born. First Bald Jesii were drawn by @vagobond (aka @cryptopherjones & BaldJesus#1) 2nd Bald Jesus drawn by Gacha Sophia (aka Mushroom BJ) 3rd Bald Jesus drawn by Funestation (aka Velociraptor BJ)- a key ally in the beginning who I’d met through the Doctor Who Discord.

Whitelisting on Wax and Atomic Hub. Drop site created on Nefty Blocks.

Bald Jesus Collective formed and Bald Jesus Wax Vault established to hold all Bald Jesus #1s from our Wax Collection.

6/28/2021 Bald Jesus Collective (BJC) Membership opened up to anyone who drew a Bald Jesus and donated it to to the BJC. 1000 BJ Artists initiative begins. “ #1000-BJ-Challenge Here’s the challenge. Encourage 1000 artists both new and aspiring to submit one original piece of BJ art to the Bald Jesus Collective with all rights and privileges. All 1000 artists become core members of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO (along with Staff and project boosters/contributors) Mint those 1000 pieces of Bald Jesus Art on OpenSea as 1 of 1 NFTs. Sell them all at once as a huge drop. Not animal prints, not fucking pickles, but legitimate art of the most compelling bald character in history. We’ll drop them here. Each original buyer also becomes a member of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO for as long as they own the art. If they sell the art, they keep the proceeds and are no longer a member of the BJC-DAO. Secondary buyers do not become BJC-DAO members.. All proceeds and secondary sales will go into the BJC-DAO which will be managed and use decided upon by the BJC-DAO. Original contributing artists never lose their place unless they want to exercise the ‘Fuck this shit’ clause which allows them to cash out for 20% of their contributing art’s original sale price. Treasury funds can be used for projects agreed upon by the BJC-DAO membership.”

6/29/2021. First pack release. 100 members in Discord.

7/12/2021 First blends on Niftyblocks

8/10/2021 – We reached 100 Bald Jesii created by the BJC.

8/11/2021 Bald Jesus Major Arcana Tarot completed by Vagobond

8/29/2021 Metaverse 3-D Bald Jesus Gallery opened at

9/10/2021 Pack #2 released on Wax with pack art by Ammee

9/11/2021 Bald Jesus Tarot Reading packs released on Wax

9/21/2021 Bald Jesus Pack #3 released on Wax

9/23/2021 Our book of Bald Jesus Stories by BJ Artists is released as an NFT on OpenSea. Full book available at the link included in the locked field of the NFT. The cover has many of the original 114 Bald Jesii created by the members of the artist collective (the BJ Artists)


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