July 6, 2022

NFT Influencers

Influencer NFT Beat (almost religious)

Updated sometimess – Latest at https://vagobond.com/nft-influencer-beat/


Gary Vee Projects – Veefriends, Bookgames, FlyFish, etc.

Weekly VeeFriends Update



Tom Bileyu Projects / Impact Theory 

The Pulse – a Weekly IT update – 



Farokh projects / Rug Radio



Cozomo de’ Medici@CozomoMedici | MediciMinutes.com

* CDM claimed that WVRPS is the next BAYC – LFG!



Nate Alexander Projects / Chainfaces

– Nothing to note


Danny Cole projects / CreaturesRumored to have land and token announcement coming soon. Maybe you will be able to change the nose or something though – or get a jock strap.


GMoney – GM420 


888 @crypto888crypto



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