May 23, 2022

My Bag of NFT Chips: Blue, Red, White


My Bag of NFT Chips: Blue, Red, & White

Project News Updated Frequently by Vagobond

These are my personal chip plays. Not everyone will agree with my chip designations. That’s fine.


Blue Chips


  • BAYC continues to be the powerhouse of the NFT world. The acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits, the launch of $APE, the upcoming land drop, the ongoing rush of partnerships and acquisitions (among them rumored Cool Cats and World of Women). Those of us who didn’t acquire an ape or three when we had the chance will always feel the ‘What if…?’ of that choice.
  • MAYC was the second chance that arose and I’ll never regret having taken it. I’ve resisted the urge to sell my MAYC multiple times and have entered it into partnerships and licensing agreements that may well be lucrative at some point in the future. Among them Jenkins, 10KTF (and Gucci), and a guest appearance in the Holy Bjble.

Pixel Vault Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

  • PV assets continue to under-perform
  • The seeming failure of the Bloot comic (among others) has me nervous
  • GFunk hasn’t made an appearance in a town hall in more than a month now
  • $PUNKS & $POW are down significantly from ATH with no impetus or reason being given for having them
  • PVFD DAO is up and running
  • Sidekicks reveal from MP2 date not announced yet
  • Planets hover near their lows
  • Metahero’s sit waiting for something to happen
  • The PinBaller Comic looks really good – derivative project
  • Moonlings has not lived up to what was hoped

On Chain Monkeys

  • Strong community doing good. This continues to be one of the stars of the NFT world having given bigger returns to minters than just about anything else out there.
  • $Banana token got an upgrade in real world utility

BYO Pills BYOpills, BYOvape, BYOland, Apostles $TRYP

  • BYO continues to under hype and over deliver, you can be sure something is coming.

WVRPS The first hybrid generative pfps and so much more

  • WVRPS is spectacular and there is no community that has more enthusiasm and action

Jenkins the Valet –

10KTF $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project.

  • The Gucci collab felt lackluster.
  • Rallying – has moved to Blue Chip status again

Huxley AAA Game, Movie, Series, Licensing innovation

  • Robot floors are waaaaay down. Comic prices are lower.
  • Burn event to create ‘Human’ avatars is the next big thing coming

April 27th will see the drawing of the winners of LOW SERIAL ISSUE 3 First Editions. 90 First Editions, serials #11-100 to holders of ISSUE 1, ISSUE 2 & ISSUE 3. 🏆 ISSUE 3 Auctions 🏆 We will be ending the month of April with the coveted auctions of the exclusive ISSUE 3 serials #1 – 10 Mark your calendars and be ready for further instructions to bid for these historical pieces. Auctions for serials #8, #9, #10 will end on April 28th. Auctions for serials #5, #6, #7 will end on April 29th. Auctions for #3, #4 will end on April 30th. Auctions for #1, #2 will end on May 1st, beginning another big month for Citizens of Fury-7… 🔥 Burn Event #3 🔥 May begins with Burn Event #3 sweeping its inferno across the wastelands of Fury-7. Existing Genesis Tokens will be snapshotted for priority for Humans. May 2nd to May 11th, are you a Hunter brave enough to join the burn? You will have these 10 days to once again Join the Hunt! Please see 📌・overview for eligible burn mechanics. :MAX: Prepare for the Human Avatars who are soon landing on Fury-7… :GenesisTokenEmoji: Burn your ISSUES during this timed Burn Event for priceless Genesis Tokens. :KAI: You will then have the opportunity to redeem your Genesis Tokens for Avatars at a later date. 📫 Upcoming Physical Redemption Period 📪 May 12th through the 25th, you will be able to redeem for physical editions during this timed redemption event. Redeem your GOLD and HOLO ISSUE 1s. :GOLDISSUEONE: :HOLOISSUEONE: Redeem your First Edition, GOLD and HOLO ISSUE 2s. :ISSUETWO: :GOLDISSUETWO: :HOLOISSUETWO: Redeem your First Edition, GOLD and HOLO ISSUE 3s. :ISSUETHREE: :GOLDISSUETHREE: :HOLOISSUETHREE: :ISSUEFOUR: ISSUE 4 :ISSUEFOUR: The HUXLEY Saga Continues with ISSUE 4 – The Guide using a new gas-optimized smart contract. @Central A.I. will share more information with Citizens as the time approaches. Dedicated Citizens already holding Issues 1/2/3 will be rewarded with priority access, as well as those who were holding Issue 1/2 and were unable to mint Issue 3.

Veefriends / Veefriends 2

  • I passed up on VF1
  • I grabbed a couple VF2 – can he hold onto the magic?

Gutter Cat Gang

  • I’ve owned and sold a cat, rat, and pigeon
  • I have a rat cyborg and some dog juice now – GMI? idk

Red Chips

These are projects I think have the potential to become blue chip

Non Fungible Heroes / Gods

  • NFH signed by William Morris Entertainment
  • NFH and NFGods continue to be one of the projects that feels most under appreciated in the NFT world. It feels almost inevitable that at some point this will pop and NFH will jump above 1 ETH
  • Comic #1 launched
  • Lore Gallery added so users can add their pfp’s story
  • $LORE token coming
  • Games continue though I confess to not taking the time to play
  • Discord server is active and enthusiastic

Moons of Mars Rock n Roll, Fashion, Branding, Products

  • The Idols Turn Rivals game launched

Nuclear Nerds

  • Floors holding well
  • Community engaged
  • Merch store (yawn)


  • OSF and Mando have completely revitalized this project as an alpha/education project in the NFT space and it has worked. Only the second project to be raised from my NFT Graveyard. I love being wrong in this sense.
  • This is damn near becoming a Blue Chip


White Chips

These are projects I love and support – but tbh, some of them may end up in the graveyard

Persona Lamps

  • There is so much potential here but it is such a crowded space.

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies $PEACE token, PeaceDAO

  • The Groupies have been chilling.

Genetic Chain

  • A wide variety of exciting pfp projects coming up here from known digital artists
  • Beautiful drop in the members lounge which is where those who stake their GC passes can collect rewards and drops
  • This team continues to deliver
  • ‘Crusties’ shrimp pfp project launched and was fun

NFTs by $LIT –

  • The big reveal of Colombo d’Medici didn’t happen
  • The Time Magazine Drop with Vitalik on it to holders was great.
  • Staking is live with a lackluster 10% APY
  • DAO formed and finding it’s legs
  • $LIT price down significantly from ATH but holding well at sustain level
  • Something is always coming from $LIT – always but it’s taking a while this time

Danger Island/Lazer Labs/Lazer Soda

  • Name change to Lazer Labs
  • Danger Island mint completed. Pirates minting.
  • I love this project but I don’t want to mint anymore without seeing some ROI from what I’ve already minted

One Day Bae

  • I’m resurrecting this from the graveyard. Team has returned, is still building, and I feel pretty hyped about this project still.

Nifty League

  • $5 Million VC investment announced
  • Players seem to be loving it still
  • $NFTL token down pretty significantly, floors down significantly from ATH
  • Comics 5 & 6 were claimable if criteria met, floors down on comics as well

Valiant Comics

  • Weekly Twitter space 3pm PST on Friday “Alpha Friday”
  • My high hopes on Valiant are sitting close to disappointment right now, floors are pretty dismal

Dead Heads |

  • I’m not sure why this project has never popped. They keep building and creating but the community feels tired.
  • There is something happening with halos and vessels but my one DH is staked forever so not really interested


  • This is the slowest burn project I’m involved in. I feel 99% certain they will deliver but the big question is whether they will deliver before what they are building becomes irrelevant

Lucky Maneki

  • I waver between throwing this into the graveyard or keeping it here. LM keeps building and communicating though, so I will keep it here. It one of only two projects that I’ve resurrected from my NFT Graveyard

2112 – Shadowrun meets NFTs. Lore rich project. 

  • High hopes but little to nothing happening



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