November 25, 2022

Intellectual Property developed by Vagobond for Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC

This is the intellectual property that has been developed in the NFT space for Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC, the parent company of

1. Sly Doubt of Uranus

I’ve written a novel about a villain from Uranus named Sly Doubt including lore of the planets Uranus and Jupiter as well as the Uranian moons of Titania and Oberon. Sly Doubt has been represented in drawings by me and also by Metahero #505 in the Pixel Vault/Metahero Universe which is owned by Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC.

Other Uranus items include Uranus Mints, Uranus Burger, and FU from Uranus which is both a brand and a character in the Uranus lore that I’ve created.







2.Bald Jesus

The Holy Bjble, Bald Jesus Collective, Bald Jesus Tarot and other derivatives including trademark and copyright of “Bald Jesus” and the image of Bald Jesus as drawn by me. License has been given to Bald Jesus Cult, LLC to utilize both the image and the name and also to members of the Bald Jesus Collective to use the image and name in derivative works.

In addition Bald Jesus Pirates and Jimmy the Monkey.



3. Mybal the Mystic Mutant Ape.

A member of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club owned by Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC. License has been granted to Jenkins the Valet to be used in first book. Mybal’s story will be a part of the book. Image also used on Sneaker and Backpack NFTs created by 10KTF which are also owned by Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC.








4. Chains Bond.

An On Chain Monkey owned by Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC.…








5. The Sacred A$$ and the Holy Goat.







These are both characters developed in the Bald Jesus Universe (the BJverse)and owned by Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC.

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