October 6, 2022

Our Potential Winner
I am proud to announce on the spur of the moment THE INCREDIBLE FUKN US essay contest. The winner will win a gift certificate for $100 to Fuknbooks.com. Second Prize will be a copy of Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual (signed by yours truly), and third prize will be an I Love Fukn T-Shirt.
Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone!
The specifics are these: Essays must be at least 1500 words based on one of the categories posted at http://www.fukn.us
All essays will be judged by me and a select group of friends and judged by content, voice, and message. We are not particularly concerned with grammar, though entries with no punctuation, all capitals, or other annoying affectations will be posted and mocked without any consideration.
All entries become mine to publish as I see fit and I am the ultimate judge. In other words, I pick the winners based on what I like best and I can republish your essays with the appropriate credit given but you retain all other rights to your work. My decisions are final. I won’t change your essays in any way without first asking your permission.
I think there are enough intelligent readers here to make this fun…after all 1500 words is not much at all…you can make it up to 10,000 words, but I don’t want to read more than that.
Send your entries to chrisdamitio@yahoo.com that way if my server crashes I will still get your mail.
Winners will be announced April 14. That gives you something to look forward to on that dreaded day!
Have fukn fun.
Chris Damitio
Chairman of the Fukn Bored (I must be to be doing this…)

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