October 4, 2022

You gotta love Chavez who has balls enough to openly insult the President of the United States and seems to be doing a great job governing his own country at the same time without US support….Nice work Hugo….
Some of my favorite Chavez remarks below…
Chavez is one of Bush’s fiercest critics and has repeatedly accused the U.S. government of seeking to oust him from the presidency of Venezuela, the world’s No. 5 oil exporter and a supplier of around 15 percent of U.S. crude imports.

  • “You are a donkey, Mr. Bush,” said Chavez, speaking in English on his weekly Sunday broadcast.
  • “You’re an alcoholic Mr. Danger, or rather, you’re a drunkard,” Chavez said, referring to Bush by a nickname he frequently uses to describe the U.S. president.
  • “I’m going to tell you something Mr Danger: You are a coward, do you know that?” Chavez said. “Why don’t you go to Iraq to command your armed forces? It’s very easy to command them from so far away.”
  • “What a government the US has! They pretend to tell the world they are the champions of democracy! The US is a dictatorship of the powerful economic groups and hawks who handle a marionette there named George W. Bush. Marionette! We know he (Bush) does rule the United States,” Chávez exclaimed.
  • Chávez also rejected the detention of US anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, and claimed that the United States celebrates the International Women’s Day (on March 8th) by “putting women in jail.”
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