September 27, 2022

Not because of any shortage of noteworthy Chris’, I am changing the Chris of the Day to the Chris of the Week. Certainly I am not bowing to the acrimonious achings of Bernest in doing so or perhaps I am. In any event look for a new Chris of the day each Wednesday or thereabouts and as always send your nominations for Chris of the Day to
This weeks Chris of the Week hardly needs an introduction, he is suave, scary, and incredibly really named Ronald. It just goes to show, anyone can be a Chris if they are cool enough….
Christopher Walken Biography – The Song and Dance Man
“I posed naked snuggling with two cats for a series of calendar pictures which were a big success. I haven’t seen those pictures in a long, long time, but I remember doing it — and I’ve always wondered what kind of cats those were. Finally, I’ve just accepted that they were just cats and I’ll never know what kind.” — Chris Walken,, July 31, 2000.

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