The Bald Jesus Drinking Club – Own a Slice of Paradise – More than an NFT

As many of you know – I created the Bald Jesus project on a bit of a whim. It’s been an amazing journey. The end game of all of it was to learn the ins-and-outs of the NFT space – and on that level it has been an astounding success.

The ultimate achievement that I was aiming for when I began was what is now before us – a generative Ethereum based NFT project built on my art that would be used to create an innovative non-profit membership organization – and which would buy a piece of land on the Big Island of Hawaii for all the members.


Welcome to The Bald Jesus Drinking Club!

I envision a time when members of the club get together on our Hawaiian property to drink mai-tais and single malt scotch while enjoying the perfect weather in Hawaii. Tilt your glass and imbibe the holy spirits with us!

I’ll write more later – but at the moment, I’m incredibly excited and doing a million things at once!

@everyone Please excuse my excitement but this is the culmination of a lot of work. Aloha Everyone – BALD JESUS DRINKING CLUB mint is LIVE!!!!!!!! 777 Unique Generative Jesii – please join me in imbibing the holy spirits! If you can spread the word – I will be forever grateful!

I know there are some of you that aren’t trading with ETH / Matic on Opensea yet – when you sign up – please use my referral link:

Hamm and the Bear Market Bears – An Artist, A Project, A Mission

The Bear Market Bears are Here!
The Bear Market Bears are Here. Mint yours at

Andrew Hamm is on a mission.

“The nft space is the world I live in now and I want to build a thriving community that helps its members and encourages people. I will be here every day, that is what sets this community apart.”

Hamm is an artist and illustrator from Halifax, Nova Scotia but now lives in New York. Originally he went there to be a stand up comic but quickly realized that art was where his heart had always wanted to be. He drew a cartoon and posted it on his Instagram feed every day for a year before he began submitting his work to The New Yorker magazine. After another year, they finally published one of his submissions. Hamm has several superpowers – two of them are consistency and perseverance.

Hamm’s first cartoon was published on his birthday. From that day forward he found commercial success with publications such as, The Guardian, and The New Yorker. His work has also been seen in High Times Magazine and widely on the web … but commercial success as a cartoonist means needing a second or third job. Selling cartoons has rarely made anyone wealthy. The ones you know about are among the few. Life as a working artist was a struggle – especially with a family to support.

Like many, it was during the pandemic that he became aware of blockchain, then crypto, then NFTs. His first awareness of the power to control his own financial destiny was through watching the GameStop saga unfold. This led to stocks, then crypto, and finally NFTs, a journey Hamm describes as going from terrible to less terrible to pretty good.

His start was rough – he helped develop a collection for FM Gallery, a Chinese NFT platform that fizzled with the advent of the Nifty Gateway/Beeple craze. Old school cartoonist and artist friends ridiculed his choice to enter the NFT space, but Hamm didn’t let that stop him. Realizing that working for other people was the opposite of how to make it as an artist, he developed his own project, taught himself to code so that he could create a layering program, and recruited a team to build the next big thing. A big thing that was the antithesis of the big pump and dumps and celebrity cash grabs that have been happening in the NFT space. Thus was born the Blazed Cats which raised over $300,000 for mental health on the launch and continues to raise money for mental health causes. Blazed Cats was the first NFT project featured in High Times. Blazed Cat holders were given 0xHeads as companions a month later.

Shortly after this, Hamm inadvertently downloaded a malicious virus that asked him to enter his seedphrase into a fake metamask page. The result was that his prized Cool Cat, his favorite NFT, was stolen from the wallet. Not having enough spare ETH to buy back into the project, Hamm channeled his anger into creating his own version of Cool Cats – the Bear Market Bears. The Blazed Cat team was having some internal strife and Hamm used the opportunity to start putting together his dream team of people he wanted to work with for the Bear Market Bears.

Blockchain and NFTs have changed Hamm’s life. As a result, a part of the motivation for creating them was to teach kids about this emergent technology and to help people avoid making mistakes like the one that cost him his Cool Cat. Bear Market Bears will be a fun avatar project, an educational platform, and a community for building the future together.

What’s next? In addition to remaining fully committed and present with Bear Market Bears, Hamm is hard at work on a project he calls ‘The 100k Free NFT Project’. It involves layering male and female punk traits to make new jpegs and will be launching sometime in the coming months.


The Many Kinds of NFT Projects

There are so many choices and options right now in terms of NFT projects. For this post, I’ll look pretty strictly at projects on the Ethereum blockchain – but there are equivalent projects being developed or taking off on ADA, Solana, Ravencoin, and more.

The best of these projects incorporate aspects of all of these. The most top of mind examples are Pixel Vault which has avatars, daos, game (coming), tokens, staking, and much more. Bored Ape Yacht Club. I’m also betting on the future of Raini Lords of Light (game, staking, defi, art drops) , Doctor Who-Worlds Apart, Non-Fungible Heroes, and Buzzed Bear Hideout. Many of the other projects I’m interested in (Monkey Bets and Ape DAO) are offshoots or aligned projects.

I find myself getting into several different kinds of crypto/nft projects lately. They are:

  1. Avatar/pfp projects – I’m pretty well done getting into new ones of these and generally look for a good reason to get in that is more than just fun/funny/amazing art
  2. Communities – things like BAYC and MetaHeroes or Gutter Cat Gang – vibrant active communities that support each other
  3. Games – things like Influence Asteroids, Lords of Light, Doctor Who
  4. DAOs – decentralized orgs that have a purpose – Ape DAO, Monkey Bets DAO, United Planets (Pixel Vault) DAOS
  5. Curated Drops – Good Guys, Holmo Viemiento etc.
  6. Generative art  – Genetic Chain, Pixelglyph, Cubeverse.
  7. Tokenomics/coins/defi Unstable Horses Yard,, Bulls on the Block,
  8. Innovative use of blockchain/nfts – Spottie Wifi, Deadheads, The Adventurers, Heaven Computer, Tiki Festival, Jenkins the Valet.
  9. Funky/quirky art communities One Day Bastards, Crypteriors, Invaders, Deebies and Mighty Manateez
  10. Metaverse stuff – I’m kinda late to this and missed out on a Metaverse Jetpack which was a big win even though I was whitelisted for it. With all of these communities and projects – liquidity is the big issue and also I don’t have the ability to play whale games by buying up big mints or speculative bets.

God – there is so much happening in NFTs and blockchain right now – what did I miss?

The Bald Jesus NFT Project – An Update So Far – The First Three Months

Bald Jesus as born back in May when I suddenly saw NFTs taking off and realized that I could probably build an NFT, a community, and maybe a brand in the chaos that was happening in the NFT world. I’d gotten involved starting with Doctor Who – World’s Apart in November of 2020, then with Godzilla on Wax, and finally with some Ethererum projects. “What should I make?” I thought. “Maybe I have a domain name I can do something with.” I’d bought quite a while before. I thought it was funny. I mentioned what I wanted to do in the Doctor Who Discord. I was encouraged by some and others were (I think) a bit offended by the name.

I drew my first Bald Jesus (BJ) and set up a WordPress site at on free hosting. I set up a Twitter account. Now I needed to learn how to set up a Bald Jesus Discord server, how to mint with BJ NFTs on WAX, how to get white listed on Atomic Hub, how to mint with Bald Jesus on Ethereum, and how to build a community, create drops, mint a generative project, and turn a wacky idea into something.

From the beginning until now, none of this would have happened without the support and love of the crypto and NFT communities. I’ve had help from people who wanted to help our project and from people who just wanted to help me. I’m eternally grateful. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to build a new kind of project – something that was both commercial and communal, cooperative and profitable, something that would allow for innovation and rewarding hard work, while also building a cooperative community. We have a long way to go – it’s only been three months – but when I realize that and then look at what we (to a larger extent) and I ( to a lesser extent) have accomplished – my mind is blown. None of this would have been possible without the community giving me support, helping me to learn, and also, in some cases, helping me when the lifting was too much for one person – but, that being said, one of my super powers is bringing things to life from the idea stage and another one is carrying loads that are seemingly impossible for one person – but that being said, I wouldn’t have made it without all of those who have been there for me on this journey so far. I could not have done this alone.

One more thing before I jump into the timeline so far – we’re just getting started!

6/12/2021 – First BJs minted on Wax. The Bald Jesus Discord was born. First Bald Jesii were drawn by @vagobond (aka @cryptopherjones & BaldJesus#1) 2nd Bald Jesus drawn by Gacha Sophia (aka Mushroom BJ) 3rd Bald Jesus drawn by Funestation (aka Velociraptor BJ)- a key ally in the beginning who I’d met through the Doctor Who Discord.

Whitelisting on Wax and Atomic Hub. Drop site created on Nefty Blocks.

Bald Jesus Collective formed and Bald Jesus Wax Vault established to hold all Bald Jesus #1s from our Wax Collection.

6/28/2021 Bald Jesus Collective (BJC) Membership opened up to anyone who drew a Bald Jesus and donated it to to the BJC. 1000 BJ Artists initiative begins. “ #1000-BJ-Challenge Here’s the challenge. Encourage 1000 artists both new and aspiring to submit one original piece of BJ art to the Bald Jesus Collective with all rights and privileges. All 1000 artists become core members of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO (along with Staff and project boosters/contributors) Mint those 1000 pieces of Bald Jesus Art on OpenSea as 1 of 1 NFTs. Sell them all at once as a huge drop. Not animal prints, not fucking pickles, but legitimate art of the most compelling bald character in history. We’ll drop them here. Each original buyer also becomes a member of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO for as long as they own the art. If they sell the art, they keep the proceeds and are no longer a member of the BJC-DAO. Secondary buyers do not become BJC-DAO members.. All proceeds and secondary sales will go into the BJC-DAO which will be managed and use decided upon by the BJC-DAO. Original contributing artists never lose their place unless they want to exercise the ‘Fuck this shit’ clause which allows them to cash out for 20% of their contributing art’s original sale price. Treasury funds can be used for projects agreed upon by the BJC-DAO membership.”

6/29/2021. First pack release. 100 members in Discord.

7/12/2021 First blends on Niftyblocks

8/10/2021 – We reached 100 Bald Jesii created by the BJC.

8/11/2021 Bald Jesus Major Arcana Tarot completed by Vagobond

8/29/2021 Metaverse 3-D Bald Jesus Gallery opened at

9/10/2021 Pack #2 released on Wax with pack art by Ammee

9/11/2021 Bald Jesus Tarot Reading packs released on Wax

9/21/2021 Bald Jesus Pack #3 released on Wax

9/23/2021 Our book of Bald Jesus Stories by BJ Artists is released as an NFT on OpenSea. Full book available at the link included in the locked field of the NFT. The cover has many of the original 114 Bald Jesii created by the members of the artist collective (the BJ Artists) – My Unsuccessful Jump into Marvel and Movie NFTs

In my house, I’ve started to use VeVe Me as a substitute for Fuck me. It works out the same way.

Update: After a solid week of no response beyond the boiler plate ‘We care about you and will get to you soon’ email after I filed a ticket, there is still now response from the ‘help’ desk at Veve. I went to the Discord server and asked if anyone else had suffered a similar problem and was treated pretty rudely by the community – they effectively said “Nah nah” and blew raspberries at me. Many of them told me that it was a normal issue and some of them told me I was stupid. One friendly user from a different server told me that it was common to have people get locked out and shared some advice from a moderator that had been given to someone else. No moderator responded to me or my request for help. Yesterday, I posted in the ask for help here channel and my request was ignored while other requests above and below mine were answered. Finally, today, I decided to make one last attempt before telling my credit card company I had been scammed and filing for chargebacks – I posted my login issue in the help channel and finally a friendly moderator responded. This piece of advice (using 10 characters instead of 8) finally allowed me to change my password successfully, but the 2FA to login had apparently been shut down in my failed login attempts. If this works, it will have solved 1/3 of my issues – but it will be at least progress. I had an assignment from a major publication to look at major ecosystems in NFTs, my editor has since said that Veve should be left out of my piece because my hatred for it was seeping through all of my writing on it. She’s not wrong. Update to Update: It didn’t work. Update to Updated Update: Someone in the Doctor Who Discord told me to try a different device. That combined with information below solved the login issue. I can’t buy or sell on the iPad however so unable to see if the original issue has been solved.

One of the biggest nightmares in the Ethereum ecosystem is the gas cost for every transaction. It’s so fucking expensive. I’m a minnow in this world but even so – my gas fees according to has been 3.842 Eth which in USD is a staggering $11,526! – and that’s just since I started using Metamask. It’s absolutely insane – almost $1500 of that was in failed transactions where someone else paid more gas than I did and ‘sniped’ the NFT I was trying to buy from right out under me. Gas wars are common with every big drop and despite the big hoopla that said the ETH update would solve the issue – it has only gotten worse. The NFT dropped by Time Magazine this morning saw gas go to new record levels – Thousands of dollars just to have the opportunity to buy an unrevealed piece of digital art. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK ?????

So, I’ve decided to jump into some other NFT token chains, some controlled ecosystems, and a few different marketplaces. I’m already a part of a few of them – an established one that has been getting a lot of buzz and I decided to jump into this morning was

Veve has gotten the license to produce NFTs of the biggest blockbusters of our time, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Marvel and DC comics – and much more. It’s a mobile app based system where you guy gems for one US dollar each and then you participate in drops for comics and digital collectibles. Here’s some great info that came from Ian at our Intelligence Desk channel on the Vagobond Discord Server.

If you’re not familiar with VeVe, it’s basically digital collectibles that come in limited edition releases. They’ve been able to partner with some of the biggest franchises/brands going, including Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Ghostbuster etc… so many big names.

Everything is based around a smartphone App, and by using VR you’re able to see your collectable in your home. It’s pretty awesome.

When a new product is released they sell out in seconds… heck… sometimes it’s impossible to get anything they sell out fast! If you’re lucky enough to get the rarest stuff you’ll make a fortune on the marketplace.

You purchase using ‘gems’. 1 gem = $1. Note that at the moment you cannot withdraw your gems.

The product is not your traditional NFT. It’s all contained within the companies own ecosystem. It’s based on OMI.

Something worth noting is that the market is constantly up and down, so if you time it well you can sell high (which is usually immediately after the drop), then buy back low.

I decided to jump in. They do drops every Thursday morning at 5 am my time. I wanted to be ready so I set up the app on my phone, funded it with $120 worth of gems and then decided to buy something. I bought a Borg Cube for $80. The cool VR app allowed me to actually place it in my office space:

I was actually pretty excited. Then I woke up this morning, waited for the drop knowing it would sell out in seconds and smashed the buy button – to get repeated errors. Then it sold out. I tried to buy the comic in the secondary market for double the price. Still getting the error. I wrote to their support – and got a ticket number but no response. I decided to uninstall and reinstall, but my account credentials wouldn’t work. I tried to reset my password, it wouldn’t let me. So – at this point, I’m sitting and waiting – and no response yet. It’s been six hours. I feel like I just got screwed again in this space. I’m sure it will be resolved – and I’m sure that during the time it takes, the comic that this technical issue wouldn’t let me buy will grow to at least several hundred dollars.

I’m not sure why I always have these technical issues, but it feels personal. I’d like to file a complaint with whomever is running this motherfucking simulation.



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