I’m Giving Away All the Books I’ve Written for Free – Please Enjoy While Social Distancing

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I wrote these books so people could read them – I’ve made a little bit of
money with them through the years (very little, but hey, that wasn’t the point) now and in the coming days – I think it’s very likely that people might find themselves with lots of time on their hands. So, I’ve decided to go ahead and gift my work to the world. Whether it’s a very good gift or not, I can’t really say for sure – but these books represent many hours of my life – and I hope you enjoy them.  I’ll post them here on Vagobond and elsewhere in time.

Christopher ‘Vago’ Damitio


Rough Living 2003 Edition (Link to PDF: http://www.vagobond.com/RoughLiving2003.pdf)

Slackville Road (2004 Here is the link: http://www.vagobond.com/SlackvilleRoad.pdf )

Fishing in the Puget Sound (2004 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/chum.pdf)

The Honolulu Waiter (1998, 2007 Screenplay) (Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/waiterhonolulu.pdf)

The Princess and the Vagabond (2005 https://www.vagobond.com/princess2013pdf.pdf)

The Hu Factor (2006 Originally SHTF or Shit Hits the Fan) Link to PDF (http://www.vagobond.com/TheHufactor.pdf)

Lost in Transmediality (2008 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/LostinTrans.pdf)

Liminal Travel (2009 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/liminaltravelebook.pdf)

Feeding The Spirit – Spiritual Fasting (2010 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/feedingthespirit.pdf )

Not My Morocco (2011 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/notmymorocco.pdf )

Smooth Living( 2012 Link to PDF: http://www.vagobond.com/smoothliving.pdf)

DoucheBags, Fags, and Hags (2012 Link to the PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/DBH.pdf)

Meliptimous Taggle (2013 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/Meliptimoustaggle.pdf)

Rough Living 2013 Edition (Here is the first link: https://www.vagobond.com/RoughLiving2013formatted.pdf )

Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers (Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/40LPBloggers.pdf )

25 Travel Blogging Secrets (2013 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/25TravelBloggingSecrets.pdf )

Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost is the Point (2019 Link to PDF: http://www.vagobond.com/vagabonds.pdf)

Crypto Confidential (2019 Link to PDF: https://www.vagobond.com/cryptoconfidential.pdf)

More to come soon:

The Keys to the Riad (2013)

What Am I Doing Here (2012)

Blue Eyed Bastards (Incomplete)

The Invented God (2011)

The Silicon Boom in Unabomb Valley (2019)



Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost Is The Point

World Travel for Almost Nothing #5

Tesla CoilBeing able to do something useful makes all the difference in the world when you want to travel the world for free or for almost nothing.

The fact that I can write, edit, work on computers, fix cars, and wash dishes means that I can go just about anywhere and trade my skills for whatever I need.

World Travel for Almost Nothing Tip #5:
Make yourself Useful.

Whether you cook, clean, or practice medicine the skills you’ve worked hard to develop will help you to be welcome wherever you go. If you are a carpenter or a mechanic, you can probably find everything you need in return for your skills. If you’re good at eating chips and playing World of Warcraft, well, it might be harder to find someone who is willing to trade food or lodging for those skills…but in this world, anything is possible.

In fact, lots of people opt to take actual jobs that involve travel. Working on cruise ships, airlines, tour guiding, and many more jobs actually pay you to travel…that’s almost better than free.

The key to this is that it takes time. You can’t step off the plane and simply say, here I am! You have to talk with people, you have to interact, you have to let people know that you have something to offer. So if you want to get that free vacation rental in Bermuda for three days, you better work your ass off figuring out who you know has connections there or using the internet to network virtually.

Another skill that has really worked in my benefit is being a teacher and a Native English Speaker. You can usually find someone who wants to trade what you need for language lessons.

Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost Is the Point

Vagabonds: Sometimes Getting Lost Is The Point

Now available on Amazon

From ancient times to the present, brave men and women have wandered from place to place without visible means of income, without reason, and sometimes without a clue. They have defined our history. This is a love letter to these vagabond men and women, the lives they led, and the inspiration born of their journeys.

Vagabonds will introduce or reacquaint you with fifty-one incredible vagabonds who have shaped our collective history. Starting with Herodotus, the father of history and moving all the way to the present, these vagabonds and voyagers snake their way from the ancient past into the middle ages, through the Victorian era up to the twentieth century, and finally bring us right up to the present on the edge of the future.

The men and women in this book are a mixture of ancient heroes, famous writers, tech-nomads, overachieving goal setters, and fly by the seat of their pants adventurers who only plan as far ahead as their next breath. Meet them, be inspired by them, and then find a way to dig in for more.

Christopher Damitio is the author of Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond and currently lives in Hawaii. He writes about travel, politics, technology, and more at Vagobond.com and Vagorithm.com.

Available for purchase now in eBook form at Amazon.com

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