November 29, 2022

Aged Tech Startup C-Corporation for Sale with Developed App – $250,000 (Honolulu)

Aged Tech Startup C-Corporation for Sale with

Developed App – $250,000 (Honolulu)

After several years of hard work, I have to admit that I’m in over my head on this and it is time to either hand it off to new owners or find new partners that want to buy in for equity and control of the entire business process.

Iwahai, Inc. is a registered Delaware C Corporation, licensed as a foreign corporation to do business in the state of Hawaii. Everything up to date and good to go.

Iwahai’s focus project has been – a map that allows users to record audio to save or share memories, make recommendations, or place audio reminders.

This is a fully functional and well coded product that needs only to be tweaked by a solid team of designer, marketer, and business manager to be successful. Sale includes social media accounts, domains, apps, and codebase.

Code is currently up to date and deployed on the Apple App Store:

Previous (legacy) version is available on Google Play:

Why am I selling?

My co-founder who was also the lead developer suffered several personal losses in the covid era which caused

him to abandon the project so he could focus on learning to live on an old sailboat. He was the lead developer for the codec that allows Amazon Prime to function – so his work is meticulous and high level. I can’t find anyone to replace him who isn’t looking for a high six figure annual salary. We are pre-revenue and still in the start up faze looking to tweak the product/market fit.

Post covid I have not been able to assemble a team that is willing to dedicate the time and energy to building a successful travel social media company – especially here in Hawaii. I am also not adept at the skills necessary to achieve funding from venture capitalist organizations and find that I am simply treading water. I would prefer to see this idea flourish under new ownership and leadership than continue as it is – going nowhere.

I am open to offers, negotiations, and ideas.



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