September 23, 2022

About Vagobond

I am Vagobond. I am the person who brought Bald Jesusism to the world – a messenger not a prophet. Just a dude. My focus right now is NFTs but that will certainly change at some point.

VagobondI’m a father, husband, brother, son, artist, writer, editor, philosopher, visionary, app developer, and NFT degen. Also a former Marine, former publisher, former stockbroker, former archaeologist, former bartender, former air traffic controller, former antique store owner & appraiser, former anthropologist, former columnist, former waiter/barista/cook/dishwasher, former anarchist community organizer, and former a bunch of other things. I’ve traveled a fair bit of the world, explored many of the great religions, and lived both as a rich person and as a homeless person along with everything in between. I’ve written books, written screenplays, directed films, recorded music, played in bands, and love to paint and make any kind of art. Creativity is my main mode. I’m secular with a great admiration for Buddhist philosophy and stoicism. I am a disrupter, a rabble rouser, a shortish middle-aged bald man with skin that looks whiter and pinker than I feel. I like VW vans, sailboats, islands, and very long walks. I enjoy the ideas behind cryptocurrency, universal basic income, a border free world, and an end to toxic masculinity. My motto is “Stop doing bad things. Start doing good things. Help others to stop doing bad things and start doing good things.” I try to live up to it, but since I’m human, I don’t always.

Vagobond is a website I started long ago after I graduated from the University of Hawaii. It was and is a record of my travels.It’s also a place where I share my art and writing. Like me, Vagobond is hard to define. I tried to put it in a box, but that was just silly. I was trying to use it to make money and while that worked for a while, it was also silly. I currently live in Hawaii so a big focus has been to share this place in as much detail as I can without giving away treasured local secrets. I’ve also shared many of my past adventures and travels. A big part of my motivation is sharing my life with my daughter and also documenting the adventures that she has and is a part of.

I’m sure I’ll travel again – but currently, I really hate what travel has become so I’m going to focus on art, tech, blockchain, NFTs, and other things that interest me without exploiting local communities.

I will update this page as time goes on. There’s a lot to go on here.


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